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Yay Panda!

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So, I consider myself to be a tech/customer service professional, who has recently went to work for a local locksmith here in Austin. Over the last 3 months I have learned more about the security (or lack thereof) that todays standard deadbolts/doorknobs provide than I thought I ever would. View this video on bump keys if you need proof.

Really, I had always known that standard locks should really only be your first line of defense, but what do you guys think? Do you think it is worth about $90 per cylinder to have the "unpickable" locks that are on the market, or just go with the mainstream and get a security system?


IMO, locks have always just been something to slow down casual intruders or get them to go next door - they won't keep out a determined intruder. Alarm systems are pretty easy to knock out too, by breaking the phone line (alarm companies say they'll detect this. They lie). I had a girlfriend who sold security systems for a living and her general advice to friends was just to put up signs instead of paying for a system.

I'd say a big dog or alert neighbors are the best bet... one evening just before I closed on it, I was looking in through my (empty) new house's windows. A neighbor came over to say hello, with a baseball bat in his hand :)

Nice! That is a neighbor I think I would like! Someone who sees something fishy and investigates with a weapon in tow.
Just to let you know, there are now alarm systems that don't transmit over the phone line. We don't have an actual land line and have no intention of putting one in, so we have a wireless alarm system that transmits from upstairs. Even if the thief knew where the transmitter was and sprinted right to it, the alarm would still have transmitted to our alarm company already.
That's a good point, I'd forgotten about that!

July 2009

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