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Yay Panda!

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So, I consider myself to be a tech/customer service professional, who has recently went to work for a local locksmith here in Austin. Over the last 3 months I have learned more about the security (or lack thereof) that todays standard deadbolts/doorknobs provide than I thought I ever would. View this video on bump keys if you need proof.

Really, I had always known that standard locks should really only be your first line of defense, but what do you guys think? Do you think it is worth about $90 per cylinder to have the "unpickable" locks that are on the market, or just go with the mainstream and get a security system?


I absolutely agree with the posters who mention getting a dog. They are the biggest deterrent to most burglars (and home-invasion/rapist-type criminals). I have read quite a few articles about this, and time and again, former burglars mention that dogs are simply too big of a risk, and they'll keep going until they find a quieter house. I suppose that for the high-end criminals, there really is no deterrent. They could shoot the dogs. But the majority of burglaries/home-invasions in Austin, I'd be willing to bet, are made by the low- to mid-range type of criminals.

I have 4 dogs, and (maybe foolishly) feel really, really safe.

Just my .02...
There are also alarms that sound like big 'ol mean barking dogs if someone is near your door or something (I think that's how it works). I was thinking about getting one as a back up dog. <grin>
for when you and your dogs are at the park?

July 2009

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