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Pensive, Hurm?

babasyzygy in austinhomeowner

New Community

I've recently moved to Austin and for the first time, own my very own house.

I was kind of amazed at the number of issues I that I now suddenly have to worry about. How do I find a reliable, trustworthy contractor? What's the best place around to find clumping bamboo? What experiences do people have challenging their property taxes? Are there many trick-or-treaters around here these days?

I'm not actually asking those questions, but you get the point. It would seem like there's a lot to talk about, especially with the number of people moving to Austin.

I'm setting this to be wide-open for membership and posting now (only anonymous posts screened), and will only change that if people start generating more heat than light.


I live in a typical suburban neighborhood, and I got, like, 8 trick or treaters. Bummer.

On the up side, my coworkers will be most than happy to come the 4 bags of candy I have left.
Yeah. I only got about a dozen, it was pretty disappointing. I'm in a fairly old ('70s) suburban-style neighborhood and was hoping for more.

Oh well, maybe some year I'll put up one of those no-holds-barred displays that all the neighbors hate and fear... I fantasize about doing a Cthulhu/HR Giger themed extravaganza.

July 2009

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